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Collector's Series Sealed Pez Disney Handy Manny Box Set of 4 Despenser's Retired !

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Add a rare and collectible touch to your Pez collection with the sealed Pez Disney Handy Manny Box Set. This limited edition set includes four retired Handy Manny Pez dispensers, making it a valuable find for collectors. Each dispenser showcases a different character from the beloved Disney Junior show, Handy Manny. With these sealed and retired Pez dispensers, you can add a touch of nostalgia and charm to your collection while celebrating the magic of Handy Manny.

Key Features:
  • - Sealed Box Set: This Pez Disney Handy Manny Box Set is still sealed, ensuring the pristine condition of the dispensers and their collector's value.
  • - Retired Handy Manny Dispensers: The set includes four retired Pez dispensers featuring characters from the Disney Junior show Handy Manny.
  • - Valuable Collectible: As retired Pez dispensers, this set is highly sought-after by collectors and adds rarity to your collection.
  • - Nostalgic Handy Manny Magic: Each dispenser brings to life the beloved characters from Handy Manny, invoking nostalgia and the joy of childhood memories.
  • On the site, this item has been retired, which intensifies its collectability. 

Enhance your Pez collection with the Collectable Sealed Pez Disney Handy Manny Box Set of four retired dispensers. Whether you're a Pez collector, a fan of Handy Manny, or simply appreciate valuable collectibles, this sealed box set is a treasure to behold. Display these nostalgic Handy Manny Pez dispensers in their sealed box and relive the magic of the Disney Junior show in a unique and collectible way.


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