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Vintage Mummy Pez Dispenser

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The Collector Vintage Mummy Pez Dispenser is a highly sought-after and rare item for Pez collectors. This unique Pez dispenser features a classic mummy design, making it a standout piece in any collection. 

If you're a Pez collector you know that the Halloween collections sell for hundreds!  This one we cannot find within Pez or anywhere else on the internet.  So for a mere $25 why not take the chance and see what this brings to your collection?  Bananas is a great non-profit and all proceeds go back into our community for healthcare, housing and all benefits to Nassau County Florida.

  • Collector Vintage Mummy Pez Dispenser is highly sought-after and rare.
  • Classic mummy design adds a unique touch to any Pez collection.
  • Limited availability and vintage appeal make it a valuable collector's item.
  • Perfect for Pez enthusiasts looking for a rare and distinctive addition to their collection.


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