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Vintage Seder Plate Made In Israel Judaica Brass Enameled

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Looking for a unique and beautiful addition to your Judaica collection? Check out this Vintage Seder Plate Made In Israel with a large 16/25 diameter and enameled brass finish! Here are some key features of this Seder Plate:
  • Beautiful design: The plate features a colorful and intricate design that is typical of traditional Judaica art. The enameled brass finish adds an elegant touch and makes it a beautiful centerpiece for your Passover table.
  • Large size: The plate measures 16/25 inches in diameter, making it a generous size that can accommodate all of the traditional Seder plate items.
  • Made in Israel: This Seder Plate was made in Israel, ensuring that it is an authentic piece of Judaica and adding to its value as a collectible item.
  • Vintage item: This Seder Plate is a vintage item, which means that it has a unique history and character that can only come with age. Add a touch of history and tradition to your Passover celebration with this beautiful vintage Seder Plate from Israel!


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